Are you confusing your clients?


Sharing a recent convo I had with a client;

We were rebranding their website and online platforms and they wanted a different look for each one. I shared the importance of being consistent in all online platforms. Part of building your brand identity online and offline is to have a consistent look and feel across all platforms, Website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blog, Instagram, Pinterest etc….

Think about how often would you shop at a store that changed its look every month? You went to mall to purchase something to find out Browns Shoes was called Turquoise shoes, but online it was still called Browns shoes but it’s colours online were turquoise and pink……confusing yes

Consistent branding will help reinforce your brand who you are and what you do and what you company/brand stands for. Brand consistency creates a sense of trust with your customers, eliminates confusion and solidifies your space in the marketplace.

Confused buyers don’t buy, they move on

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