How To Create A Killer LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook Header

Here’s the reality, in today’s world of instant everything you literally only have around 3-5 seconds of someone’s time before they make a decision if they are going to stay or go. Or better yet keep looking on your site or go to someone else.

In saying that, you have to ensure that those first 3-5 seconds on your social media platforms are STELLAR and make your potential customer say; “let me keep reading/looking”.

Here’s how to make it happen:  Absolutely all of your social media platforms should look the same!  Sound  contrary to what you’ve heard?  It doesn’t matter I’m here to tell you what works and what has worked for my clients who have won awards for the branding etc.

People don’t only want to hear about what you do, or what services you offer but they also want to see it. For example, I have a number of clients who are professional speakers getting megabucks to come out to speak at events. On all of their social media platforms, it not only states exactly what they do and what they offer, it also shows what they do. Their header on all of their social media platforms is a picture of them speaking with and audience and their name, title and promise statement. As soon as potential clients jump on any of their sites, it engages them, tells them and shows them exactly what they do and how they do it.

By any means necessary say and show what you do, make it as engaging or provocative(if it fits)  as possible.

I recently had a client who did cement work…exciting I know.  However, I created a platform that would directly connect with their intended consumer.  Not only did the creative win an award, the increase in revenue from this one platform was three-fold.